5 things to do in Aruba?
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5 things to do in Aruba?

Added: Apr 25, 2022
Category: What to do?

5 things to do in Aruba?  


1.      Eagle beach


Eagle Beach is one of the most popular coastlines in Aruba and one of the best beaches in the world. It features spacious shorelines and endless views of the Caribbean ocean.
Eagle Beach is one of the major attractions in Aruba. It is well-loved by locals and tourists alike for its fine, white sand and crystal clear turquoise water.
This beach has many amenities to make vacationing more relaxing for you, such as ample parking, various food vendors, shaded areas, beach huts for hot summer days, and close to many upscale hotels and resorts.


2.      Arikok National Park


Arikok National Park, taking up 18% of Aruba, features many beaches, caves, a desert-like terrain, and plenty more natural wonders.

When looking for some of the best places to visit in Aruba, consider Arikok National Park. This beautiful park, filled with many stunning natural attractions, features Conchi. Conchi is a natural saltwater pool formed by rock formations.

Aside from Conchi, Arikok National Park has many other attractions for you to explore, making it the perfect destination for outdoor fun.


3.      The Butterfly Farm


The Butterfly Farm is a sanctuary for butterflies in a rainforest-like environment.

You should go there to experience something different and unique, try visiting The Butterfly Farm with your family. Your kids will love interacting with the butterflies of multiple colors and learning all about the magnificent creatures. And If you visit early in the morning, you might catch the butterflies hatching from their cocoons.


4.      Pedernales Wreck by Happy Divers Aruba


The Pedernales Wreck is a premier diving spot in Aruba, rich with marine life. One of the best ways to visit this site is by booking a tour with Happy Divers Aruba.

One of the things to see in Aruba before flying off is the Pedernales Wreck by Happy Divers Aruba. Schedule a tour with Happy Divers Aruba and prepare for the ultimate ocean journey to the wreck of SS Pedernales, a tanker sunk by the Germans in World War II.


5.      Baby Beach


Baby Beach, officially named Klein Lagoon, is a crescent-shaped coastline highlighted by cerulean water and calm water.

Go on a trip to Baby Beach this weekend and have the ideal getaway with your family and friends. Baby Beach has the perfect relaxing environment and many facilities for you to enjoy a peaceful escape away from the hustle of your regular lives.

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