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Aruba Beaches

The beaches of Aruba are consistently ranked among the top beaches in the world, and after even just a quick visit, it's not hard to see why.

Our white sand beaches that meets beautiful turquoise waters are perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing tropical getaway. Aruba is considered to have the finest beaches in the Caribbean because they are clean, easy to access and perfect for every type of traveler, from the adventurous to the casual sunbather. Along with all of the beautiful healing the ocean provides for us physically, it also contributes to our emotional well-being and gives us the feeling of happiness it brings.

Much of the seven-mile strip along the west coast is lined with resorts and packed with activity. Beachgoers relax on their comfortable lounges while swimming, snorkeling, kite surfing, waterskiing, tubing, parasailing, banana boating, and all kinds of wet 'n wild adventures are just steps away.

In contrast, the beaches along the windward coast are in more secluded and undeveloped areas. There are coves carved out of limestone, inlets formed by pounding waves, unique natural phenomena and craggy desert terrain. Because of strong undertow and crashing waves, swimming here is not recommended. Both coasts afford spectacular Caribbean views. All beaches are open to the public.

Eagle Beach Aruba

is one of the most breathtaking beaches on the island. Eagle Beach boasts the widest beach in Aruba and is famous for its pristine and soft white sands. Eagle Beach offers a clear, sparkling Caribbean, ample parking, shaded picnic areas, some huts, and a variety of motorized water sports. A few months per year Aruba Eagle Beach is dotted with red and white markers to protect turtle nests. The turtles hatch mostly around sunset and at night

Every year during Easter week in Aruba, tents dot the coastline as local families enjoy the tradition of camping out. Several of the Aruba low rise hotels are nearby and just across the road; some provide cabanas and lounges for their guests for the rate of $5 - $10 per chair. Parking is free.Eagle Beach is also home to two of the most photographed and renowned fofoti trees in Aruba, with its trademark silhouette pointing in the direction of the Caribbean. These trees have been starring in various Aruba advertising campaigns as unique and highly recognizable features. The trees are extremely popular to serve as a backdrop for wedding photo sessions and tourist snap shots of this pristine Aruba beach.

Palm Beach Aruba

the two-mile-long strip is home to High-Rise Hotels and full of water sports concessions, piers, beach bars, restaurants and shops.

Boca Catalina Aruba

is a small, secluded bay in the Malmok Beach area. The white sandy beach is accessible by steps and ample parking space is available alongside the main road. The crystal clear and calm waters make this the perfect location for a private swim and snorkeling in Aruba. Boca Catalina is a popular beach and attracts a fun mix of local families and tourists, especially during weekends.

Arashi Beach Aruba

is a quiet narrow stretch of beach in Aruba with makeshift huts and a large parking area. A favorite with locals, Arashi Beach boasts gentle currents and abundant underwater life, making it a perfect spot for snorkeling in the Caribbean. Arashi Beach is located north of Malmok Beach, at the edge of a lovely residential area in Aruba. It skirts a barren lunar landscape and the winding road that leads up to the majestic California Lighthouse.

Hadicurari Beach Aruba

is also known as the Fisherman's Huts, is a rocky strip out past the Marriott Aruba Resort, where windsurfers slice the water and the aeronautics of colorful kite-surf crescents punctuate the horizon. Once home to the island's fishermen, it is a popular spot in Aruba for surfing enthusiasts and the venue for sporting events in Aruba throughout the year. The Aruba Hi-Winds, the largest windsurfing event in the Caribbean, is held every year in June or July off the beaches at the Fisherman's Huts at Hadicurari.

Boca Grandi Aruba

located on the eastern side of Aruba's southern tip Boca Grandi offers a long strech of white sandy beach, steady trade winds and challenging waves making this a Caribbean paradise for advanced kitesurfers and enthused spectators. The current is strong here, therefore swimming is strongly discouraged. Beachcombers have the time of their life discovering all kinds of driftwood, corals and curiosa the ocean brings to shore here. Boca Grandi Beach in Aruba is a perfect stop on a drive to famous Baby Beach. It's only a 5 minute drive from downtown San Nicolas, the second largest city in Aruba. Take in the spectacular jumps and loops of local kite surfers. A bright red giant anker marks the entrance to Boca Grandi Beach in Aruba. Don't forget to take advantage of a picture moment as Boca Grandi Beach makes for a gorgeous backdrop of this unique landmark.

Baby Beach Aruba

Famous Baby Beach in Aruba is a true Caribbean beach paradise. Baby Beach is a gorgeous half-moon sandy expanse in a calm lagoon. The waters are shallow making it a prime beach destination for families with children. Swimmers can wade out for a long distance and still touch the sea bottom. Baby Beach is also a perfect location for snorkeling in Aruba. Where the bay opens out to the Caribbean Sea, snorkelers will behold a colorful kaleidoscope of coral and tropical fish. There are strong currents outside the lagoon. Therefore snorkelers are strongly advised to stay within the marked snorkeling area. Driving to the Baby Beach from Oranjestad or Palm Beach takes approx. 45 minutes.

Roger's Beach Aruba

Try the local flavor of a hidden gem amongst the best beaches in Aruba. Roger's Beach in Aruba is a narrow powdery white strip close to famous Baby Beach, where fishermen anchor their boats, protected by the calm waters of the bay. During the week Roger's Beach is very quiet and perfect to read a book or indulge the crystal clear Caribbean; on weekends this Aruba beach is often populated by local families.

Mangel Halto Aruba

is located in Pos Chiquito on the southeast coast just south of the Spanish Lagoon. This Caribbean beach is a perfect sunning and snorkeling spot in Aruba with calm, shallow waters rich in sea life supported by an intriguing network of mangroves. Mangel Halto Beach in Aruba is a secluded Caribbean beach area perfect for picnics with white powdery sand and huts for shade. Mangel Halto Beach serves as an excellent shore diving site in Aruba. It is possible to walk out to the edge of the reef to behold such fish as parrot fish, yellowtail snapper, sergeant majors and blue tangs as well as deep water gorgonians, sponges and anemones. The reef plunges to depths of 110' where octopi, morays and barracuda abound.

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