Why rent your house to Aruba Happy Rentals?
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Why rent your house to Aruba Happy Rentals?

Added: Apr 04, 2022
Category: Vacation Rentals

Why rent your house to Aruba Happy Rentals?


Do you have a nice property that is currently vacant, and would you like to rent it? Perhaps you would like to get a steady extra yearly income, or are very fortunate to own multiple houses and would like these properties to provide you an extra income? We have the solution for you!

Aruba Happy Rentals has been renting and managing houses, apartments, and properties for almost 15 years now. We can rent your house to excellent tenants in the timeframe that you want it to be booked. So; want the gains but not the brains? Contact us!

Renting a house has pros and cons. It costs lots of time to find a good tenant and to look after the place. Most people do not have the professional ability or the time to rent their house themselves. We understand that, so we decided to offer help:

      - We are a professional organization with lots of knowledge of real estate, especially in Aruba’s local market.
After being in this field for over 10 years, we know the ins and outs and can therefore offer you the total picture of renting your house.

        - Our office is open 6 days a week, 8 hours a day. If you need us; walk-in, call, or email. We are very attainable, so keeping up to date will never be a problem. Next to that, our company owns 3 cars. When there is a problem at your place, we will be there in no time!

     - Our screening procedure is taken very seriously. Only suitable tenants will rent your place. We check all background information before they get in.

     - Since we are a well-known company, our marketing is very effective. Our social media, newsletters, blogs, and website reach thousands of people every single day.

     - Our company knows synergy. You can choose if you either want to rent your house (long-, mid-, or short-term) or sell it. Switching between these possibilities is always an option. We will advise you in making these decisions.


    -  When preferred, we will maintain your place as well. We have a high-quality maintenance team that can clean, repair, constructs and maintain your house and potential garden or pool. We will check the property regularly and update you whenever something needs to be fixed. When a tenant comes across a problem, we will be there within a few hours.

In conclusion, Aruba Happy Rentals has a great team of professionals to make sure guests from all over the world enjoy a wonderful stay in Aruba. We offer you -as a homeowner- peace of mind while we take care of your beautiful apartment, villa, or house on the island.

Email: housing@arubahappyrentals.com                                                       Phone: (+297) 586 2662

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