Why come to Aruba?
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Why come to Aruba?

Added: Mar 02, 2022
Category: Vacation Rentals

Why come to Aruba?

Surrounded by stunning warm blue waters and cooling trade winds, you will find this tiny island of Happiness, Aruba!  With constant sunshine, soft white sands, and tall palm trees. An island full of sights, colors, and foods that no other Caribbean Island has to offer. The Friendly people are so welcoming and share their happiness with each visitor. Explore breathtaking natural wonders, and countless ways to relax, and explore.


If you haven’t been to Aruba, you might think it’s just beaches and blue waters. But there is a lot more than that! Aruba has 22 beaches, seventeen on the west coast and 5 on the east coast plus the coastline is beautiful! The sun is always shining and the beaches of Aruba are known as the most beautiful beaches in the world. Snorkeling is great and during some months of the year, you can even be surrounded by some turtles at Baby beach, Eagle, or at Boca Catalina.


Aruba may be small, but the diversity of natural wonders gives Aruba a natural attraction you won't find anywhere else, as well as a nature vacation you'll never forget. From hiking in Aruba to exploring life in its natural coral reefs, the island invites you to discover every surprise.


From the windswept highlands of Mount Jamanota to the quiet depths of Guadirikiri Caves, Aruba's breathtaking landscapes are at their best for hiking and nature travel - sculpted over centuries of purity, wildness, and perfect exploration. Walk, cycle or use an ATV.


Points of Interests and Landmarks in Aruba: The California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, The Antilla Shipwreck, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, Street Murals in San Nicolas, Fofoti Trees, Fort Zoutman Historical Museum, Caves


In Aruba, you have many different places where you can eat. For example, you have Zeerovers, which is a fish auction where you can eat the freshest fish there is in Aruba. Papiamento also has one of the best restaurants in Aruba where you can enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful garden. And so, you have many more fantastic places where you can eat. You also have many Dutch, American, Asian, and many more restaurants here. There is a restaurant on every corner. The must-try snack in Aruba is the Pastechi!


The people of Aruba are naturally hospitable and always ready to lend a helping hand. When exploring the island, don't hesitate to chat with the locals. They can recommend must-see spots for you, or recommend their favorite authentic Aruban restaurants. Experience Aruba through the eyes of an islander!


Best Things to do in Aruba: Beach day, have lunch in your bathing suit on the beach. Pack your cooler box and take your beach chairs to the beach, for example, go to Eagle Beach and watch the sunset with your loved ones from 5.30 PM – to 7.30 PM. Romantic and Magical!

All in all, Aruba is a great vacation location that you should visit once in your life. And we can help you with that by offering a great holiday home that is fully equipped. And on our socials and on one of our other blogs you can find the hotspots of Aruba, so you know exactly where to go.


Written by: Anouk Nieuwenhuis

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Anouk.nieuwenhuis@hotmail.com - Mar-10-2022

Very nice blog! Now I know what I can do when I'm on the island!


Anouk.nieuwenhuis@hotmail.com - Mar-10-2022

Very nice blog! Now I know what I can do when I'm on the island!



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