How Do I Relocate to Aruba?
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How Do I Relocate to Aruba?

Added: Feb 27, 2020
Category: Long Term Rentals

How Do I Relocate to Aruba?

There are numerous reasons for wanting to move to Aruba: tropical beaches, great weather year-round, and a slow pace of living.

For those dreaming of the island life, you may be asking, “How do I relocate to Aruba?”

Check out what it’s like to live and work in Aruba, as well as what you’ll need to establish residency.

Apply for the Right Visa

Work Visa

The Aruban Directorate of Alien Integration offers several types of visas to meet a variety of circumstances. For working age individuals, you’ll need to acquire a work permit and a work visa. This means that your Aruban employer must also file on your behalf with the Directorate and demonstrate the need for you as an employee.

Work visas usually last for a maximum of one year. Jobs are not necessarily as bountiful as they would be in a mainland American city. It’ll be highly competitive as there are many looking to enjoy living on the island.

Family Visa

If your spouse is a citizen or resident of Aruba, you can apply for a family visa. You’ll be able to freely stay on the island and be able to apply for citizenship after 3 years. 

Retirement Visa

This is one of the more common means for travelers to stay on Aruba. For those beyond 55 years of age. You’ll need to prove that you have a sufficient pension or means of income to support yourself financially and will not burden the community. This amount is determined by the Department of Immigration. 

In all of these scenarios, you’ll also require a valid passport and documents that verify your identity and citizenship. You’ll also need a certificate of conduct from your home country proving that you have no outstanding criminal activity in your history. Finally, for those retiring, you’ll need proof that you own adequate housing on Aruba.

Living in Aruba

The cost of living can be a shift from where you’re currently located. Renting prices are often lower, but buying property is more expensive. Utilities such as your power and water are expensive and often have certain allotments of how much you can use within a community. Food generally costs more as Aruba relies on imports for many common household food items.

Communities tend to be focused on a relaxing pace of living, and less on rampant consumerism. Shopping locations will be scarcer than a major U.S. city, but there are plenty of excellent restaurants, bars, clubs, and sources of entertainment. 

Residents take things slow and are the type to say hello to those in their community. If you’re a friendly and sociable person, you’ll enjoy Aruba due to its friendly communities and constant activity due to its high volume of tourism.

Relocate to Aruba - Aruba Happy Rentals

Aruba Happy Rentals is a team of professionals in the real estate and hospitality industries. We love the island and are passionate about helping visitors and future residents with their stay here. 

We make it easy to look for homes and condos right here on our website. Moving out of the country can be challenging, but we’re here to help. Call Aruba Happy Rentals today at (+297) 586 26 62. 

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