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Relocating to Aruba?

Added: Apr 08, 2019
Category: Vacation Rentals

New location..New home..Family..or just the two of you. 

1. The Weather
What makes you happier than the warm weather? And it gives your skin a healthy glow! Must see: Watching the sunset at the beach.

2. Our Lovely Food
Nos dushi criollo! There are many places where you can eat our local food that are made with a lots of love. Zee Rover is ione of the most recommend restaurant in Aruba. Nobody can get enough of our delicious seafood!

3. Endless Adventures
Aruba is packed with enough sightseeing spots to fill up your weeks. From Diving to Cocktail cruise and Off Roads. There are a lot of activities to do on Aruba. Get to know Aruba culture and natural places!

Important information about relocating to Aruba!
Once the choice is made, it’s time to get the real work going! It requires quite a bit of preparation and paperwork to migrate to Aruba. Residence permits must be arranging, and insurance must be taken out. But the great thing about it is, you’ll have to go hunting for buying or renting a nice living space!
Before moving to Aruba, make sure you have a few things in order. The most important to have is a passport valid for Aruba, three passport photographs of true likeness, a proof of payment of the required payment of the legal fee. So, pack your stuff, it’s time to move!

What you should know about: Water and Electricity.
Water: In Aruba the average water use per person is 150 Liters a day. This is about 5 cubic meters. The average domestic use for a 4 person household is about 21 cubic meter per month.

Electricity: Aruba has the same voltage standard as in North America (110 volts AC).

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