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Classic red cunucu apartment

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Starting From: $715 /



This beautiful, brand new apartment and modern apartment is built as a traditional Aruba cunucu style house. It is centrally located in the Bona Vista community.

The apartment has a brand-new kitchen in a modern design. The kitchen is fully equipped and will have everything you need. The Livingroom has a great design and is very cozy. The apartment has 1 bedroom with a large queen bed and a bathroom. There is closet space available in the bedroom, The house has a small backyard with a cozy patio. There is also room for a washer and dryer.

Classic red cunucu apartment is located at Northern part of the island, close to the shopping malls and some of the most beautiful beaches in Aruba. The typical Aruba cunucu styled house is located in a private community with a shared clubhouse and pool.

  • Minimum stay 1 year
  • Located in the Bona Vista community
  • Fully furnished
  • Community pool
  • excluding service and utillities



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