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Cunucu Villa

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Starting From: $2485 /



This cozy villa is located in the popular area of Noord, only a 5 minutes drive from the High Rise Hotels and Beach. The Villa is a very comfortable and private villa equipped with three spacious airconditioned bedrooms.

There is a nice and comfy living room area. Adjacent to the living room you will find the dining room and fully equipped kitchen. This home is perfect for a family of 4 up to a larger family of 8, as there is a small guest apartment attached to the home. This guest apartment has its own private bathroom.

The back porch is equipped with a jacuzzi, outdoor shower as well as a BBQ area.

  • - Minimum stay 1 year
  • - Fully-furnished
  • - Private jacuzzi and community pool
  • - Included is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment
  • - Excluding service and utilities



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