Aruba happy Rentals COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocol
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COVID-19 Updates

Aruba happy Rentals COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocol

Aruba Happy Rentals protocol originates from information provided by:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Local Aruban Government entities
  • Local Aruban Health Department (Directie Volksgezondheid)
  • Aruba Health & Happiness seal

Aruba Health & Happiness Seal

Aruba Happy Rentals has obtained the Aruba Health & Happiness seal.
The Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) in collaboration with the Department of Public Health (DVG) is proud to present the Aruba Health & Happiness Code (AH&HC). The objective of this new program is to improve the hygiene and sanitation protocols for Aruba.

Aruba Happy Rental Staff & representatives

  • All Aruba Happy Rentals staff members are trained on our COVID-19 measurements and protocols, to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both guests and employe
  • All Aruba Happy Rentals staff members will execute social distancing
  • When a 3rd party (pool company etc.) company is present at your accommodation, they will execute social distancing

Aruba Happy rental Office

  • Posters visibly placed throughout the office promoting social distancing and good hygiene
  • All staff members wear masks when walking or when social distancing cannot be performed
  • Sticker with “Please keep your 2 meter distance” placed on front door
  • Sticker with “Please wait here” placed on the floor at entrance
  • Hand sanitizer and sign “STOP clean your hands” placed at entrance
  • Desks have a 1.5 meter minimal distance between staff members
  • Staff member sanitizes items on desks like phones, mouse etc. frequently
  • Sanitizer provided on various places throughout the office
  • Meetings are held with min. 1.5 meter social distancing
  • After receiving guests in the office, the surfaces that were touched by guests will be sanitized.
  • Frequent cleaning/ sanitizing of the high-touched surfaces (doorknobs etc.)

Pre-guest arrival

  • Thorough cleaning & sanitizing of the private accommodations with additional sanitizing and extra attention to highly touched surfaces.
  • Private accommodation front door will be sealed with sticker after cleaning. Seal will be broken at arrival with the guests when entering the house. Ensuring no other entries after sanitization.

Guest Arrival at vacation home

  • Vacation homes are guests’ private space, a safe environment during their vacation
  • Check-in is done with 1 guest and executing social distancing and wearing a face mask. The rest of the guests are asked to wait in the vehicle/ outside.
  • Warm welcome with a 😊, no handshake or hugging.
  • Sanitizing of gate in front of the guests before entering the home (where applicable)
  • Sanitizing of the keys in front of guests before handing over keys to guests
  • Sanitizing of the credit card machine in front of the guests
  • Pen used by guests to sign is sanitized, and given as a gift to guests

COVID monitoring & updates

As of 17 February 2022 Aruba has removed all additional safety measures except masks on flights, at airport, and establishments that require them.
Happy Rentals constantly monitors the COVID-19 impact and is in close contact with local authorities. Current protocols will be adapted where needed and changes will be communicated to the relevant stakeholders.

Medcare clinic:

When people plan their vacation, an important consideration in choosing a destination can be the availability of good medical care in the event of an illness or accident.

Medcare clinic offers several medical services. When you feel any discomfort, pain or whenever you want to do a health checkup, you can go to the clinic and get a consult by one the medical doctors or they can come to your vacation accommodation.

They also provide primary and urgent care in a warm and friendly environment staffed by the highest qualified care professionals.

It is also possible to get a PCR or Antigen testing by the Medcare clinic to make sure you are fit to fly.

Contact us now to get more information about the clinic, the clinic is conveniently located in Palm Beach and we can set up an appointment for you if needed any point during your stay.

Aruba’s Healthcare

In case you feel unwell, and show symptoms of COVID-19 during your vacation, you can contact Aruba Happy Rentals and we will assist and advise you what steps to take. We always recommend having travel insurance with medical coverage.

  • Contact local authorities
  • Hospital has a 24hr emergency care
  • Urgent care in Noord is available for walk-ins
  • Pharmacy open after hours

Cancellation policy:

    • During the COVID-19 pandemic we work with flexible bookings. This means, if you have an issue with flights being cancelled or rescheduled, or there is a negative travel advice on your travel dates, we can be flexible with date changes, based on availability.
    • The travel voucher will give you ease of rebooking at a later date, as we understand you may not have alternative dates yet.
    • The credit voucher is valid for all Aruba Happy Rentals properties and will have a validation of 1 year, which can be extended if needed with another year. The voucher is also transferable to another name.

Please contact us for more information or any questions you may have about our above Health & Safety Regulations:

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