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Babijn house

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Partial Kitchen



Babijn house is a semi-furnished house featuring 2 spacious air-conditioned bedrooms which are shared by a full bathroom and an extra open storage space. The house has a open layout combining a large living room area and a large open kitchen that has several kitchen cabinets and a 4-pit stove and enough space to convert in a dining area. The 2nd bedroom has also a large closet. The house has a typical Arubian garden with several fruit trees around the house and the garden is also very spacious. The house is fully fenced and in a safe and quiet area.


Babijn house is located near the neighborhood of Paradera and 2 minutes drive from the neighborhood called Bloemond, about 5 minutes drive away from the chruch of Paradera, 2 minutes drive from a daycare and Nos Paraiso kindergarten , 5 minutes drive from the park, Parke di Curazon in Paradera and from the Salinas shopping center.


Fully fenced - centrally located - pet friendly - spacious garden - 4-pit stove - large spacious living room and kitchen area - spacious bedrooms - closet space - quiet and safe neighborhood

  • Available per direct
  • Min. Stay 1 year
  • Semi-furnished
  • Utilities en Services excluded
  • Build up area 118.5 m2



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